DarkMark (darkmark) wrote,

Not much of an update

What should I talk about? Not that it matters all that much, but...

...I got the Big Book that I've been working on for months done a few days ago and transmitted to the Powers That Be for approval. we'll see how it goes.

...Our current client is leaving us and we're all being reassigned. I had a call last Friday from a recruiter and she was supposed to call back on Monday but she hasn't. I left word with the employer to have someone call me back. They haven't. It'll probably work out, though.

...Got paid for a story coming up in March, not bad money. Also saw a colored, inked, and lettered page from an upcoming story. It's a beaut.

There aren't that many folks left who follow me here, I guess, but I value you all. Take care.
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