Flare #46...

...has got another one of my stories in it and I'm pretty sure you'll like the art. It's available from Heroic Publishing's website. Go ye and do likewise.

And be primed, 'cause I've got stuff coming out from Lucky Comics, The Creeps, and AC Comics in the near future. Yowsah!

Gave myself The Creeps

...in that The Creeps #9 is out and I've got a story in it and you wouldn't believe how good the art is on it. I'll plug it for that. If you buy it, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

A very Merry Christmas

Was picked up by my cousin John and ferried down to his place in my old home town by the lake. There he hosted a family get-together with over 20 people, none of whom I'd seen face-to-face, iirc, since I moved here 11 years ago. Had a banquet. Much love and merriment. I hope we do it again next year. And maybe the year after that. And maybe...

Productive weekend

Well. Over the past 2 days I've--
--finished a 13K prose story I've been working on for some time;
--written an 8-page comic story; and
--written 4 out of 10 pages on another comics story.

Now, if I can only see it all in print! ;-)

In retrospect...

Only Lady N and Settai seem to post here anymore. Well, what the hey...our heyday for this was the late 90's / early '00s and, as incredible as it may seem, that's long gone by now.

I'm getting a few little things published, maybe a lot of them by year's end. We'll see.

But I'm wondering. Guess I'm just looking for approval.

Did anything I wrote really make a diff? Was it any good?

Yeah, maybe I'm fishing for compliments. Or something. Or just being morose.

Anyway...be good to each other. Hang in there.

And do good work.