The job

Well, was interviewed for new campaign today and did the assessment. Transition will be swift enough that I won't miss any paychecks. Good on that.

Goodbye, Alice

My best friend of college days and many years thereafter, and yes, someone I really loved, is dead. Found out about it tonight, googling names. Got to learn not to do that.

Her name was Alice Speer and she was a doctor in Texas. I knew her when we were both students. She was my best female friend for ages and someone you couldn't help but love. We traded letters and phone calls for years after graduation. Gradually, we lost touch. Tonight I learned she passed away in her sleep in January.

So long, Al. It's gonna be a lot colder world without you.

Not much of an update

What should I talk about? Not that it matters all that much, but...

...I got the Big Book that I've been working on for months done a few days ago and transmitted to the Powers That Be for approval. we'll see how it goes.

...Our current client is leaving us and we're all being reassigned. I had a call last Friday from a recruiter and she was supposed to call back on Monday but she hasn't. I left word with the employer to have someone call me back. They haven't. It'll probably work out, though.

...Got paid for a story coming up in March, not bad money. Also saw a colored, inked, and lettered page from an upcoming story. It's a beaut.

There aren't that many folks left who follow me here, I guess, but I value you all. Take care.